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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Loan eligibility is mainly dependent on your income, you are capable of paying the EMI's and servicing the loan. Usually, Home Loan eligibility is calculated based on your monthly income.
Two components to tax benefits on Home Loans- one on the principal and other on the interest payment. Based on Section 24 you can do on the interest paid for the Home Loan. The maximum tax deduction allowed for a self-occupied property is 2 lakhs. Under Section 80C you can do on the principal payment. The maximum tax deduction allowed is 1.5 lakhs.
You can avail of Loan against Property against on Residential, Commercial Property for either your Personal or Business activities.
Interest will be charged if you do not pay back the Total Amount by the payment due date. The minimum amount Due shall be 5% of the outstanding amount.
You can access multiple Home Loans. We provide New House purchase(Flat/Independent house), Purchase of OLD Property(Resale), self-construction, Top-up Loans.